Porto! Oporto! Oh Porto!

There is something absolutely enchanting about this place. You’ll get lost in its labyrinth-ish streets, within its medieval and contemporary architecture, and the colorful sights and sounds, not to mention the culinary experience, and don’t forget the Port Wine!  

Sunset over Rio Douro, Porto, Portugal

“one day,” you said to me, “I saw the sunset forty-four times!” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the little prince I may not saw the sunset forty-four times in Porto, since I was only here for a week. but, I’ve stared at it like no one is looking. It’s magical, just like the first Fransecinha sandwich that…

Falling leaves, Autumn Colors

  Crisp cooler air and daytime gets shorter by the day, Fall season is here! I think there’s no other better description for Autumn (aside from apples, pumpkins and corn!) but the changing colors of the leaves. While the day starts to shorten, the leaves began to dry up and change to different cascades of yellow,…

Summer in the USA

This whole month of August, I have been travelling around the East Coast of the USA (partly work related and of course for fun!). I’ll try to update and post pictures about it in the next days as I try to organize all my stuff.