Daily Flips: around Porto!

I spent my last day in Porto just wandering around. I went wine tasting at Villa Nova de Gaia, hopped on the tram, went around downtown, ate a lot of food (like aloottt!) and just talking to random friendly people! I will definitely miss this place, but this won’t be my last visit. Can’t wait to be here again! 🙂 Advertisements Continue reading Daily Flips: around Porto!

rio douro

Sunset over Rio Douro, Porto, Portugal

“one day,” you said to me, “I saw the sunset forty-four times!” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the little prince I may not saw the sunset forty-four times in Porto, since I was only here for a week. but, I’ve stared at it like no one is looking. It’s magical, just like the first Fransecinha sandwich that I had here. 😉 Continue reading Sunset over Rio Douro, Porto, Portugal

Daily Flips: one sunny spring day in Liege!

Finally spring is here! I went on a quick hike to the Citadel of Liege (approx. 300ft above the Meuse river/valley) to enjoy the sun and some great views of the city. Liege is my adoptive city for now and it may not be the most “belle ville” in Belgium, it still has its hidden charms. However, It still puzzles me on how they allowed … Continue reading Daily Flips: one sunny spring day in Liege!