Daily Flips: Watching the World Cup 2014 finals

A friend invited me to join them to watch the World Cup 2014 finals in Aachen, Germany. From Liege, Aachen is the closest German city which is roughly around 60 km away. The town was very quiet with close to empty streets when we arrived. But, the tranquility suddenly changed to loud shouts and cheers, fireworks and car honks after Germany defeated Argentina in a nail … Continue reading Daily Flips: Watching the World Cup 2014 finals

Bueren en Fleurs 2014

The stairs of the Montagne de Bueren were filled with potted plants and flowers for an exhibit called “Bueren en Fleurs” organized by the plantation de la ville de Liege. Bueren en Fleurs is a biennial event that happens usually at the beginning of June and this year is just the third installation of the exhibit. Montagne de Bueren is a unique spot in the historic core … Continue reading Bueren en Fleurs 2014