Canals of Amsterdam

The canals are vital to Amsterdam. Without these network of canals that runs throughout the city, the Amsterdam we know today may have never existed. Nowadays, tourists and visitors of Amsterdam sometimes overlook the rich historical and cultural values of these canals with the more popular spots, such as the red light district and different museums. But for me, just roaming and getting lost within … Continue reading Canals of Amsterdam

Bueren en Fleurs 2014

The stairs of the Montagne de Bueren were filled with potted plants and flowers for an exhibit called “Bueren en Fleurs” organized by the plantation de la ville de Liege. Bueren en Fleurs is a biennial event that happens usually at the beginning of June and this year is just the third installation of the exhibit. Montagne de Bueren is a unique spot in the historic core … Continue reading Bueren en Fleurs 2014

Stop Over: Valencia, Spain

Valencia might be the third largest city in Spain but it isn’t in everybody’s “must visits” lists when touring/visiting the country. For this week-long vacation/Easter/spring break, we decided to take a quick tour of Madrid and Barcelona. But instead of directly flying to these big cities, we decided to land in Valencia and roam around for a few hours before taking the train to Madrid. … Continue reading Stop Over: Valencia, Spain

Destination: Vienna

When will you realize… Vienna waits for you? – Billy Joel Finally, Vienna at last! It was my first visit, and  before coming to the city all I could think about Vienna is the Danube, Classical Music and Vienna Sausage. I must admit, I did not do my assignment about reading more on what to see or where to go around Vienna. Well, my plan … Continue reading Destination: Vienna

Stop over: Salzburg

Arriving at a simple yet homey B&B accommodation (shout out to Pension Jahn!) in Salzburg from a very long train ride from Fussen, Germany was such a delight, as I just want to drop dead in bed and get that much needed sleep. Good thing, the train that we have to catch the next day was not until 5pm. Meaning, I can go to sleep … Continue reading Stop over: Salzburg