Daily Flips: Watching the World Cup 2014 finals

A friend invited me to join them to watch the World Cup 2014 finals in Aachen, Germany. From Liege, Aachen is the closest German city which is roughly around 60 km away. The town was very quiet with close to empty streets when we arrived. But, the tranquility suddenly changed to loud shouts and cheers, fireworks and car honks after Germany defeated Argentina in a nail … Continue reading Daily Flips: Watching the World Cup 2014 finals

Daily Flips: Montagne de Bueren, Liege

In a small passage way tucked in between the brick walls of centuries old building in the middle of the historic core is a stairway and perhaps another icon of Liege city. The Montagne de Bueren is the fastest but certainly not the easiest way to go up to the Citadelle de Liege. With its name’s literal translation as the “Bueren Mountain”, the Montagne de Bueren … Continue reading Daily Flips: Montagne de Bueren, Liege

Gare de Guillemins, Liège

Probably one of the most (if not the most) notable landmark in Liège, the Gare de Guillemins (Liège-Guillemins train station) is a destination on its own. When I first arrived in Liege, I was greeted by this peculiar train station. It was indeed very different from the typical Victorian to art-deco style European train stations. This very modern and seemingly futuristic structure was designed by … Continue reading Gare de Guillemins, Liège

Stop Over: Valencia, Spain

Valencia might be the third largest city in Spain but it isn’t in everybody’s “must visits” lists when touring/visiting the country. For this week-long vacation/Easter/spring break, we decided to take a quick tour of Madrid and Barcelona. But instead of directly flying to these big cities, we decided to land in Valencia and roam around for a few hours before taking the train to Madrid. … Continue reading Stop Over: Valencia, Spain

Les Fleurs des Cerisiers

Les Cerisiers sont en fleurs dans mon quartier (Cherry trees are in bloom around my neighborhood). I wish I could have taken a picture of my apartment’s street last winter, when it was all gray and these trees were bare naked without leaves. Comparing that to what it is on spring is like night and day. I did not even know that these are wild … Continue reading Les Fleurs des Cerisiers

Daily Flips: one sunny spring day in Liege!

Finally spring is here! I went on a quick hike to the Citadel of Liege (approx. 300ft above the Meuse river/valley) to enjoy the sun and some great views of the city. Liege is my adoptive city for now and it may not be the most “belle ville” in Belgium, it still has its hidden charms. However, It still puzzles me on how they allowed … Continue reading Daily Flips: one sunny spring day in Liege!