Let it snow! Let it snow!

Just a few days after I came back from a month long yuletide vacation in the Philippines, I wasn’t anticipating that there was a snow storm heading towards Belgium. Having been soaked under the tropical sun, my body was already feeling the cold thermal shock just as I arrived. I came on a friday and I have already made some plans for my weekend and … Continue reading Let it snow! Let it snow!

Autumn in Liege, Belgium

It’s that time of the year again; when the sun starts to set early, when you start to feel the chilly air, and the leaves change its color and withers. Autumn prepares you for the cold winter days ahead. In autumn, before the nights become longer, its as if nature gives its one last display of colors before hibernating. Here are some autumn scene around Liege. Continue reading Autumn in Liege, Belgium

The Grand Curtius Museum

Ask any locals in Liége how to find the Grand Curtius and they would probably say “that big red building/mansion along the river Meuse”. Walk along the road beside the river Meuse along the Quai La Batte (where the famous La Batte market every Sunday is located) towards Quai de Maestricht, just right before Pont Maghin (Maghin Bridge) and you will see indeed a “big red … Continue reading The Grand Curtius Museum

Daily Flips: Sun is out! at the Place de la Cathedral…

Weather can be very unpredictable in Belgium. This summer hasn’t been all sunny and warm. In fact, the past week was very rainy with autumn-like temperatures. But hey! Today, the sun’s out and so is the rest of the town. I guess we are all in “Profiter du Soleil” mode (a common french phrase meaning to take advantage of the sun). I walked by the … Continue reading Daily Flips: Sun is out! at the Place de la Cathedral…