Falling leaves, Autumn Colors



Crisp cooler air and daytime gets shorter by the day, Fall season is here! I think there’s no other better description for Autumn (aside from apples, pumpkins and corn!) but the changing colors of the leaves. While the day starts to shorten, the leaves began to dry up and change to different cascades of yellow, red and orange hues. As I always describe it, It’s as if the plants and trees are having their last grand display before hibernating during the cold wintry weather.

Perhaps the best way to experience the colors of Autumn is to walk around the woods and forest. I had a dose of autumn colors at the Dawes Arboretum in Central Ohio. The trees and shrubs was just over its peak of fall colors and leaves started to detach and fall from the branches. I like walking over the dried leaves, feeling the crisp and crunch beneath my shoes in every step.

The locals here told me to just enjoy the Autumn colors as much as I can, because it happens fast. Sometimes, it only takes one day of heavy rain and wind, and all the leaves are gone. Well, I didn’t take any chance and don’t want to wait for next year, I went back again the next day at the Arboretum and enjoyed the sights and sounds and the crispness of the leaves under my feet.




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