Pumpkin show in Ohio!

fall outdoor ornaments sold at the festival
pumpkin man! official greeter of the show 🙂
this year’s largest pumpkin weighs about 1550 lbs!
some of this year’s entry for the largest pumpkin contest
Pumpkin pyramid!
concert series during the festival


fall/holloween themed pumpkin ornaments
they have decorative gourds too!
of course you never miss out the famous pumpkin pie! 🙂


Every third Wednesday of October each year, the small town of Circleville Ohio transforms into a venue for a grand Pumpkin extravaganza! The Circleville Pumpkin Show lasts for about 4 days and is considered to be the largest festival in the USA that is solely dedicated to Autumn’s most popular vegetable, the mighty Pumpkin.

This year, the show did not disappoint. from the cutest, weirdest shapes, to the largest, I saw just about any pumpkin repertoire available. Just about every street of downtown Circleville was filled with rides, festival food trucks, crafters, booths and stores that had pumpkins or pumpkin related stuff.

The show will truly make you feel the Autumn season, with a giant doze of “pumpkiness”!



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