Les Fleurs des Cerisiers

Les Cerisiers sont en fleurs dans mon quartier (Cherry trees are in bloom around my neighborhood). I wish I could have taken a picture of my apartment’s street last winter, when it was all gray and these trees were bare naked without leaves. Comparing that to what it is on spring is like night and day. I did not even know that these are wild … Continue reading Les Fleurs des Cerisiers

Daily Flips: one sunny spring day in Liege!

Finally spring is here! I went on a quick hike to the Citadel of Liege (approx. 300ft above the Meuse river/valley) to enjoy the sun and some great views of the city. Liege is my adoptive city for now and it may not be the most “belle ville” in Belgium, it still has its hidden charms. However, It still puzzles me on how they allowed … Continue reading Daily Flips: one sunny spring day in Liege!

Daily Flips: Memories of Winter 2013-14

Apparently, the last winter season was very mild in Belgium. Instead of flurries of snow, we had mostly rain and high winds in Liege. However, I had a quick visit to Southern Germany and experienced the real beauty and charm of winter. I remember the ground was carpeted by snow last December around the forest towards the Neuschwanstein Castle. You can read more of my stop over … Continue reading Daily Flips: Memories of Winter 2013-14

Luxembourg city!

What seems to be one of the smallest countries in Europe (7th smallest to be exact), the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is truly among the grandest in sights, history and culture. It’s capital city, Luxembourg city, is small enough to walk around for the whole day. However, I was astounded by how rich this quaint city in terms of places of interests, backed by the … Continue reading Luxembourg city!

Carnaval de Binche 2014

Carnaval de Binche is an annual carnival event in the Town of Binche, Belgium. This year (2014) is the 10th year anniversary of the Carnaval de Binche’s recognition as a Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and it is by far the only one on the list around Northwestern European region. The small town of Binche is located in the … Continue reading Carnaval de Binche 2014