List of non-working holidays in Belgium for 2014

Our amazing secretary just gave me a list of all the holidays for this year (2014). I’ll start marking my calendar and plan where to go on these days!

January 1,2,3 – (nouvel an) New Year’s day

March 3,4 (Mon and Tues) – Carnaval

April 21 – Monday after Easter, (for students and some offices, no work on April 14 – 18)

May 1 (Thur) – Labor’s day

May 29 (Thurs) – Ascension

June 9 (Mon) – Pentecote

July 21 (Mon) – National day (Fete Nationale)

August 15 (Friday) – Assomption

October 30,31 (Thur,Fri) – Toussaint (Halloween)

November 11 (Tue) – Armistice

December 25 – Christmas day



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