Stop over: Stuttgart

Before catching another very early train to Fuessen, we stayed over night in Stuttgart. Luckily, the night we were there was the opening of their Christmas market! It was one of the most festive and colorful Christmas market’s I have ever been to, with larger than life decorations on top of the stalls, open stage concerts and happy people!

IMG_0584 (853x1280)
Stuttgart’s Christmas market. One of my favorites!
Stuttgart's Christmas market
Stuttgart’s Christmas market
IMG_0601 (1280x853)
A miniature town on display at Stuttgart’s Christmas market. At the back is the Schlossplatz with the romantically lighted monument and Neues Schloss
IMG_0557 (1280x853)
Open stage concert at Stuttgart’s Christmas market. This choir is amazing! They sang traditional carols with blues, pop and rnb twists!
IMG_0573 (1280x853)
Magnificent decorations on the stalls’ roofs.
IMG_0565 (1280x853)
the main avenue of Stuttgart’s Christmas market.


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