off to Vienna via Train

IMG_0300 (1280x853)
Aboard the IC train from Liege to Heidelberg, with a brief 20 mins stop at Cologne. This was the first leg among the seemingly never ending train rides that we had to take to Vienna. I love long train trips! 🙂

Early December of the 2013 holiday season, we decided to take the train to Vienna. En route to Vienna, we had multiple stops along the way, then take the flight on the way back to Belgium (just because I have some work related events to attend to). Anyway here was our “train” itinerary from Liege to Vienna:

Liege, Belgium – Heidelberg, Germany – Stuttgart, Germany – Füssen, Germany – Salzburg, Austria – Vienna, Austria

We had brief stops and an overnight stay (Stuttgart and Salzburg), in which I will detail in the next posts.

IMG_0303 (1280x853)
In a platform waiting for the next train at Köln hauptbanhof (Cologne main station)

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