Stop over: Salzburg

Arriving at a simple yet homey B&B accommodation (shout out to Pension Jahn!) in Salzburg from a very long train ride from Fussen, Germany was such a delight, as I just want to drop dead in bed and get that much needed sleep. Good thing, the train that we have to catch the next day was not until 5pm. Meaning, I can go to sleep … Continue reading Stop over: Salzburg

List of non-working holidays in Belgium for 2014

Our amazing secretary just gave me a list of all the holidays for this year (2014). I’ll start marking my calendar and plan where to go on these days! January 1,2,3 – (nouvel an) New Year’s day March 3,4 (Mon and Tues) – Carnaval April 21 – Monday after Easter, (for students and some offices, no work on April 14 – 18) May 1 (Thur) … Continue reading List of non-working holidays in Belgium for 2014

Stop over: Füssen / Hohenschwangau

We stopped by at Füssen from Stuttgart en route to Salzburg for another overnight stop over. I chose Füssen for a quick stop not because of convenience but I wanted to see the most famous castle in Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle – the inspiration to many fairy tale and princesses castles all over the world, most notably that of Disney theme parks. This castle is not exactly … Continue reading Stop over: Füssen / Hohenschwangau

Stop over: Stuttgart

Before catching another very early train to Fuessen, we stayed over night in Stuttgart. Luckily, the night we were there was the opening of their Christmas market! It was one of the most festive and colorful Christmas market’s I have ever been to, with larger than life decorations on top of the stalls, open stage concerts and happy people! Continue reading Stop over: Stuttgart

Stop over: Heidelberg

We went on a trip to Vienna last December 2013, and our first stop over was Heidelberg, Germany. We have only about 5 hours until we catch the next train ride to Stuttgart, where we will spend the night and ride another train very early next morning. Anyway, since we only have 5 hours, we didn’t waste our time and went ahead to the tourist … Continue reading Stop over: Heidelberg

off to Vienna via Train

Early December of the 2013 holiday season, we decided to take the train to Vienna. En route to Vienna, we had multiple stops along the way, then take the flight on the way back to Belgium (just because I have some work related events to attend to). Anyway here was our “train” itinerary from Liege to Vienna: Liege, Belgium – Heidelberg, Germany – Stuttgart, Germany … Continue reading off to Vienna via Train